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To make the most of the sunny weather, patios are a great option to provide an outdoor sitting area at your house.

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Garden Paving & Patio Projects

We have worked on many landscaping projects over the years; take some time to view our work by clicking on the above gallery.

Paving and patios are an important feature of the work we often complete during and after construction work and is something that we have worked on for years at Castle Masons. It’s great to have a desirable, tidy and professional look as people approach your home or business.

Whether you’re looking for paving or patio installation in Waterford or Kilkenny, we provide access to quality products, including many different types of slabs and bricks. This allows you to get the walkway’s colour and style that you would like to match with the existing architecture you have on your home or other building.

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I would like to thank Castle Masons for their hard work in making my garden look so beautiful. For the first time in years, I can walk into my garden and enjoy every minute of being there. Everything is so neat and tidy, it is done to perfection.– Joanne Howley
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Make the most of the sunny weather

Patios are a great option to provide an outdoor sitting area at your house. When you are looking to add to your home and garden, one size does not fit everyone. You may have a current patio or none at all and you may want to create or expand upon what you already have.

There are lots of different choices, including a stone or brick patio, and you have the opportunity to decorate in a more effective way, without everything sitting directly on the landscaping.

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